Advanced map

Advanced map blocks may be used to engage visitors and catch their attention.

Customize the appearance of your map so it will suit the design of your site.

Put a few markers in case you have a few offices, meetings or delivery points.

Regulate the width and paddings of your advanced map block to make it neat.

Completely helpful and reliable ZeGuten block to showcase your location

Supposedly you need to showcase the location of your offices, arrange the meeting or point where the customers can get their purchase. In such a case the advanced map block will save your time and money and help to follow the location.

Pin the needed places, use dynamic mapping capabilities and make sure the interface of your block is user-friendly. ZeGuten advanced map block for Gutenberg undoubtedly guarantees you the first-class approach and multifunctional features.

Meet the stylish design and a few different layouts to choose from

ZeGuten advanced map blocks give you an excellent chance to use various map interfaces, such as desktop, tablet or mobile phone, to make the perfect match with your website’s design. Among them are standard, silver, retro, dark, night style, etc.

In case you have set a text block, additionally, you get all the opportunities to customize it. Edit the content type, position, and alignment. Choose whether you want it to be colored or black. Add the necessary typography settings and a box-shadow.

Choose between “Map” and “Satellite” modes and use extended customization

Not to mention the fact that you are able to switch between the “Map” and “Satellite” interfaces, you can also zoom a picture in and out. Simply enter the Google map API key and the address, and half of the job is done!

Connect the Geocoding API in your Google account to use this functionality correctly. After that, you may set the so-called X-orientation and Y-orientation. 

What is more, you can set the zoom level and the height of your map block. Take a look at its interface in different gadgets. Need to give people more detailed information? Add the fullscreen button, logo, text block and marker.

Explore the customizable abilities of ZeGuten map block to the fullest

As an additional feature of ZeGuten Google map WordPress blocks, you are capable of making the whole block full-width, set the alignment or place it in any corner of the section, depending on the design of your pages.

Set the additional box-shadow and paddings if necessary, as well as the background color. In case you want to edit the map block in an advanced way, add the additional CSS class. 

With the extra CSS code, you can easily add some more trendy enticing options, which will increase the popularity of your website. Moreover, you don’t have to be afraid of the loss of loading speed, as ZeGuten Google map WordPress block is well-optimized.