Progress Bar

An eye-catching design and a wide functional opportunities of the block.


The number of mobile applications developed



The number of templates updated



Money saved from the donation of the sponsors


Finished works on building the charity website

Engaging and fashionable interface of the block to showcase your progress.

ZeGuten blocks for Gutenberg will make your pages impressive and attractive.





The possibility to make your progress bar blocks animated is also included.

Hours of work


Describe the achievements of your agency

Meet the responsive and ready-to-use ZeGuten progress bar for WordPress 

ZeGuten progress bar block WordPress is a user interface element that indicates the progress of an operation. You can also showcase your workflow to the user, as well as money saved from the donations if you have a charity website.

An eye-catching design of the progress bar for WordPress doesn’t distract from its wide functional opportunities. Each one of the progress bar blocks generally consists of value, title, subtitle and the progress bar. You are able to apply any option to any element of ZeGuten block.

Fast and effortless customization of ZeGuten progress bar WordPress blocks

As in the progress circles, you can set the value of the progress bar for WordPress and set the suffix, which may be not only in percents or in any other units, depending on the topic and concept of your website. Arranging the position of your value, color, and typography is also allowed.

Once the page of your website loads, the animated progress bar WordPress plugin will fill in due to its value. It happens thanks to the animation option, which can be rather turned off or activated. 

You are additionally able to choose the preferable font and its color as well. The height and width of the progress bar may play an important role in the design of your page, so they are completely flexible and stretchy.

Set some additional features to improve the design and functionality

Not only classic image background can be used for ZeGuten progress bar WordPress blocks, but also a gradient one. Set the needed colors and create a custom gradient without a line of code! Besides, you may also add a border or shadow effects.

Once adding a border, you can pick its style among the five ones, like dotted, solid, dashed, etc, and set its radius and color. Same as the shadow effect and all of its following options, including color and margins.

Vivid and modern way of editing elements at your service

Want to take different fonts for title and subtitle? Do it! Need alignment and margins? Not a problem! Progress bar WordPress block is aimed to make your pages handsome and attractive. Be free to set spacing as well.

Taking a look at the typography options, the variety of choices is wide. Above all, set the font family and size. Font weight and font style options will also be appropriate. As well as the line high and letter spacing – to make your progress bar WordPress block more elegant.