Icon list

Pecture your working process
Increase visitor’s trust
Share your ideas and values
Be modern and proactive
Describe the quality of your products
Organize content in a comfortable layout
Work on SEO
Create a filter for your products
Keep it simple
Make a reliable impression
Provide intuitive navigation
Take care of the hosting
Make your content responsive
Develop for multiple gadgets
Create a cart
Add a wishlist
Provide comparable tool
Use icons for branding
Organize content
Make it unique
Build your own template
Add design solutions
Set custom options
Append spacing
Add margin and padding

Meet the multifunctional and responsive WordPress icon list block

You may wonder, how can such a block help you build a competitive website? However, without any WordPress icon list shortcodes you can still add an icon list for Gutenberg using ZeGuten, one of the best tools for getting rid of the boring lists! It is aimed to promote your services and give an old design a new life.

One of the most important things while using a WordPress icon list block is that all the options are gathered in one place to save your time. The Gutenberg editor provides you with an ability to edit text directly above the block.

Easy and enjoyable process of site-building will take your breath away

To start with, the process of adding icons became completely automatic. WordPress icon list block allows you to edit each item separately if the design of the website suggests using them. Set a label text, and decide whether you need an icon, image or none of them. 

Supposedly you chose an icon. Then you are able to select one from the library of 62 icons for any topic. In case you pick an image, you can upload it from the media library.

Add a link to your icon and set a URL. Mute on an “Open in New Tab” mode. Moreover, you can specify the space between items, space between icon and label and set their alignment. Make your text bold or italic.

WordPress icon list blocks don’t require a line of code for customizing and editing

Design your text fields without any effort! You are not only able to set the color of the WordPress icon list shortcodes or hover mode but also can choose the font-family and font size in three units. Pick the proper font-weight and style and transform your text into upper or lower case. 

Moreover, you may underline your text content. Take a look at how your item looks at the various devices, such as desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Add the general size and the box size values as well.

Set the additional options to each item or the whole WordPress icon list block

Make the WordPress icon list block look more stunning and add a border if needed, also play with the border radius. The border can vary from dotted to dashed, have its own color, width, and radius. Decide whether you need a box-shadow and set its color. Set the blur and spread value, as well as the position.

Be free to play with the WordPress icon list’s color scheme and opacity. It is important to note, that you may apply all the parameters for the whole block or a single element.

Take a chance and add such an advanced option as an additional CSS class. With the help of this feature, you will be able to add even more fascinating visual effects: animation, shapes, various transformations and so on!