Circle Progress


Piece of circle

Without border


Small circle

Text below


A piece of progress


Elegant design

Value below


Large background

Value inside


Content inside

No background


Small circle

Bold value

Shadow effect

Content inside

Explore possibilities of the circle progress bar WordPress block 

Circle progress bar WordPress block provided in ZeGuten is the most powerful tool for showcasing the great results. Instead of tonnes of boring statistics, use such an entertaining way of introducing the goals you’ve reached.   

It should be noted, that there are more than 10 various styles for the circles progress bar in WordPress that are available within ZeGuten. Depending on the design of your website, you can choose a minimalistic one, or pick the rebellious interface, which will be a mix of all features.

No need of  code for customizing circle progress bar in WordPress

As ZeGuten plugin is made for any WordPress version from 5.0, all the blocks are very flexible. Begin your work by setting the value number. Make your block animated and place the prefix and suffix for your value. You can also set the circle size and line width. 

In addition, multiple color settings are also available for text fields and the circle itself. The border styles and even the ability to set a shadow are here – that’s all you need for a stylish block!

Put the number value inside the circle, replace percents with your own value, change the circle size – believe it or not, you can do it without any coding skills! A user-friendly interface will gently guide you on your way to the perfect website.

Meet the new multiple options for a neat circle progress bar WordPress block

Not to mention the great diversity of the visual settings, ZeGuten circle progress bar WordPress block has a responsive typography, so you are able to liven up all your design ideas and set the most attractive font and color for your number value.

Not only a number value may be customized, but also each of your text fields. Place the text inside your circle progress, above or below it. You are also able to add a subfield and edit each element of the block separately, or all at once.

Edit, add or replace all the elements of the circle progress block effortlessly

In case you don’t need a text field, you are able to remove it without any loss of the block’s importance or meaning. Moreover, you can set a spacing or even use the advanced setting, which allows you to set additional CSS classes, unique for your block. 

Moreover, all the instruments to make a divine block with a smooth shadow effect are gathered in ZeGuten. Choose the position, blur and spread value, and its color. 

Select the proper font and color, and explore the way your block looks on various devices such as a mobile phone or a laptop. Along with such features, you can also set the margins and paddings for your block, in pixels, or percents.