Animated box

Blocks are a great new tool for building engaging content.

Easily add or remove any text on your flip box!
Put buttons on the back side to attract users to continue reading your content!
Set the padings, margins, and align your content according to your needs!
Blocks are a great new tool for building engaging content. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code, you can add a block and focus on your content.
Choose from several animated effects and make the content more attractive!
You can also choose any color or image for the back side background!
Color palette
Choose any shade you want and set it to the background!
Use lots of options to stylize different sides. Select image, change the text, its size and position to make the box look according to your tastes and suit the page design. Drop shadow to increse the 3d effect.
Apply various images to your background!
Be sure, there is enough place to describe any project you need. The back side includes four text fields and two linked buttons. Animated box block was created to make your pages astonishing and informative at the same time.
Several sides
Choose different content for front and back sides of your box!
Arrange your multimedia content with animated boxes. Thanks to the compact shape of this block you can put more content and information and save the page space. It will be a great decision for showcasing various projects or offers, posts, etc.
Border style
You are free to choose from several border layouts!
Flip the sides to get more information about the project!
Set shadow to your box and change its position, spread, etc!
Add the icon to your box. The wide collection is available for you!

Blocks are a great new tool for building engaging content.

Flip the box
Put more descriptions thanks to the two sides of the animated box!
Take an interest
Discover new information step by step!
Front Side
The front side may include the title and key featurs!
Back Side
Engage users with gaudy title and design!
Front Side
Put more detailed information on the back side!
Give more information and tell more about your project. Use different settings to stylize both sides of your box and make them eye-catching…

Try ZeGuten animated box to introduce the content in a fancy way

Each of the website owners want to make his website eye-catching and unique. We are glad to introduce to you ZeGuten animated box block with lots of settings to build the dynamic content in the most simple way without using any codes.

Flip the box and overview the content from different angles

Animated box block consists of two sides, front and back. Each of these sides has its own settings and possibilities. You can add icons, titles, paragraphs, set backgrounds, and many more. The style settings are also different for two sides.

Put the key features of the project on the front side and complete the description on the back side. Use buttons to engage users to continue making an acquaintance with the content.

Customize the flipbox for WordPress according to your tastes

Apply different background types to your animated box block. Decide whether it is better to set the color, gradient or choose the image. Align the content inside the flip box widget choosing its position and paddings or margins indexes.

If you are the CSS lover and want to add your own style to the block you can do it in the Advanced tab. Change any detail you want thanks to the flexible design of the block.

Choose the best animation effect from several ready-to-use layouts

Explore what great animation layouts we have added to this flip box widget. You can flip the block vertical or horizontal, slide it right or down, choose the 3d flip, etc. Thanks to the animation effect, the box looks more unique and attractive.