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You can apply WordPress carousel to build a shop, blog or donation platform

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Set the size of the item, paddings, and indent

Set the typography for title and subtitle

Add various buttons and style them up in no time

Use a top-notch carousel block to display any kind of media content

Meet the brand-new block called the WordPress carousel plugin, that is oriented on showcasing any type of media content. At your service, there are plenty of various settings for changing the sections according to your needs. Don’t miss them!

Use a top-notch carouse Explore the various possibilities of carousel slider WordPress via the extended settings l block to display any kind of media content

If you are searching for new opportunities, then here they are. Now you are able to change almost every detail in any item or slide of the WordPress carousel. Use fabulous carousel arrows or dots settings for better functionality of each element. 

You can pick the size, position, background colors or border style. Everything in WordPress image carousel plugin is customizable and you don’t need any additional coding skills.

Live the requirement of coding skills behind with WordPress carousel plugin

Our professionally done WordPress carousel block doesn’t need any line of code. All the actions will be done through a few clicks, using multiple settings. All you have to do is just add the carousel slider WordPress to your page and edit it to your taste.

No worries about the amount of content inside the WordPress image carousel plugin

WordPress carousel is fully optimized so you don’t need to care about the content you fill it with. It will engage the visitors to use the website more and more, and obtain the additional information. 

You can control the number of items and slides, and optimize them with the autoplay. Everything is pretty simple with WordPress carousel plugin. Try it!