Explore blurbs to make a professional promotional material

Block Header
Edit header content
via the options
Add the text and enable icon to make the header obvious
Block Middle
Vary the content of a middle block
Develop engaging content with the middle block options
Block Footer
Feel the power of buttons option
Attach 2 buttons to the footer block and customize them

Explore all the marvelous advantages of the blurbs block


Introduce your newspaper or a book


Modify an artwork into a perfect promo

Display a piece of your artwork inside a tiny blurb block

Improve the header in a few easy steps

With blurbs, you can create a powerful header. Add the text, enable icon, select an image for a background and modify it with the available settings. Stop using lines of code, use the blocks.

Improve the middle block rapidly

The power of blurbs is here. Vary the whole middle block with the short text from your artwork, set the options to modify it easily and choose your suitable style. The possibilities are in your hands.

Advanced footer through simple options

Blurbs block is a way to success. Make your footer bright by adding 2 buttons, that you can easily adjust with size, alignment, and basic styling settings. Feel free to create something special.

The background is easy to customize

Via the blurbs block, you can create powerful content. Pay attention to the background settings, they are pretty simple and are able to change the background color, border style and add the shadow.

Spacing block for your convenience

Now the spacing block is easy to edit. No coding skills are required, it’s enough to set the padding and margin of your blurbs block. Use the whole pack of possible settings according to your demands.

Explore extra possibilities of the background and spacing

What can you customize with the stunning blurbs block?

Content modifications are available

Adjust the whole content of each block via simple options.

Set the style for a wonderful design

Make your blurb look unique with your personal style.

Special possibilities with the blurbs block tool for website


Speed of editing is highly important

No more tedious and boring page customization. Grab the power of the blocks and customize everything rapidly. Thanks to the absence of code you need to apply only existing settings to the block.

Let’s not forget the

What is one more important thing to customize the website? No doubt, this is the level of its difficulty. With the blocks, you will be a true minimalist who can make all changes as simple as ABC.

Let the website content be absolutely different and special

Powerful editor

Don’t be scared of the new editor

Undoubtedly, using blocks is a marvelous idea if you want to try something brand-new and really forceful. It’s easy as pie and your content can be added with the outstanding widgets and elements.
Only click

Coding skills? Not that day!

Are you sick and tired of these code lines? Don’t waste the time and use the clicks only. All the blocks are perfectly edited via a few clicks. Leave your coding experiences behind and try blocks.
True creativity

Apply the creative concept with block

Stop living with the text. Modify your blocks with the perfect images that are customized through several settings. Set the images, select the position, attachment, repeat, and size. Enjoy the process.

Become a true king of advertising

Promote everything you want

Promoting is pretty simple now with blurbs block. Edit all the possible elements in a menu using user-friendly interface, add your content and figure out how to become a real king of promoting. Super simple.

Set the promo on the website

Remember that there is no better place to leave your promo than the website? Catch your chance and create astonishing advertising through the blurb block. Pick the simple way of website editing.

Use the modern blurb design for WordPress to introduce your services

Catch the attention of any customer by placing an icon into the blurb WordPress block. Add all the necessary settings, such as the size and background color, set a border and check their look on different screen types.

Customize and style your content in a few clicks with the neat blurb design

Talking about the text content of the blurb WordPress block, here you are able to set the title and subtitle text and set their alignment. Make all the necessary settings according to the font style of your text elements.

Choose the title and subtitle color and improve the blurb design by adding margins to the desktop, tablet and mobile phone layouts.

Create a custom header and footer for the blurb WordPress block

Change the minimal height of the header block. Pick the background color or an image, and download it from the library. Choose one of the ten positions for a background image. Pick default, scroll or fixed attachment and set the overlay.

Beat all the competitors be adding advanced options to the blurb WordPress block

In the footer of the block, you can upgrade your blurb design and add as many buttons as you wish. Write the link for your button, pick an appropriate background color, add border settings and enable the box shadow option.

You can also set the extra CSS class for the blurb WordPress block and style its background by adding spacing, border, and various text styles.