Set your own order for any of the design elements

Build your content with blocks

A collection of blocks
for Gutenberg

Create content. Work on the structure. Showcase your ideas.
Without a line of code.

Use a totally new approach to creating websites with ZeGuten blocks for Gutenberg.
For Gutenberg-users. For non-coders. For code geeks. For you.

With ZeGuten blocks
you’re able to:

Have your own way with posts:

  • Arrange posts in a listing, grid or chess layout
  • Use quick post query settings
  • Arrange posts into a carousel
  • Adjust the posts layout styles
  • Use order and offset options

your content like a pro

Use Sections block to enrich your pages with:
  • Parallax effect
  • Custom gradient overlay
  • Buildable shape dividers
  • Video and image backgrounds
Arrange content in Columns for extra responsiveness
  • Use custom padding and margin values
  • Create flexible responsive layouts with columns
  • Set custom gaps between the columns
Create more awesome content
  • Promote with Banners
  • Animate with Blurbs
  • Display benefits with Icons list

your content with infographics

Circle progress

Fully customizable circle progress block will help you visualize your content better, making it easier to perceive.

Progress bar

Show the progress of your current tasks and ongoing projects using a flexible progress bar block.

Countdown timer

Set the countdown till any event or offer using a fully customizable countdown block for Gutenberg.

3 Reasons
to love ZeGuten

Requires no page builders

You can use ZeGuten on any WordPress installation as long as it’s up-to-date, and have access to all its wondrous features and blocks.

Simple to use and understand

Enjoy building content with the top-notch tools at your hand. Moreover, you won’t need to use coding to create remarkable web pages.


All of ZeGuten blocks are SEO-optimized, meaning you can work with markup, and your content will be indexed and well-structured.

What people say

"This will make running your own blog a viable alternative again."

— Jacob Brown

"The web up until this point has been confined to some sort of rectangular screen. But that is not how it’s going to be. Gutenberg has the potential of moving us into the next time."

— Emma Davies

"The Gutenberg editor has some great assets that could genuinely help people to write better texts."

— Matt Wilson